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Office Pool Hosting for Football and more

Pool Managers
Create a Private Office Pool for you and your friends for $20 or create a public office pool and compete against the world. 
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Join a Pool
You can join a private pool from your manager or you can join one of the many public pools available.
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Branded Pools
Promote your business by letting us brand your office football pool for you.  Have your logo on your office pools football
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Don Best College Basketball Brackett Contest
Date: Jul 02, 2011
Comments: 22
Winner takes $1000 dollars on this one.  Click Here to join. ...
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                           Our Featured Games!!







NFL & NCAA College Football Pickem Pools
This is the most basic of the football pools, where you pick the winner of each game.  Depending on the rules you pick a select number of games or every game on the board.  The person with the most correct picks at end of time set wins the pool.  You can also spice up your game by using the spreads and the over/under.  Pick all the games or only your best 5 (or 10 or whatever). Custom ranks available. Custom point spreads. Use Pro or College games.
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NFL & NCAA College Football Pickem Confidence Pools

Your basic office pool format, where you pick the winner of each game, either against the spread or straight up. Spice up your game by using confidence ranks or key picks. Pick all the games or only your best 5 (or 10 or whatever). Custom ranks available. Custom point spreads. Use Pro and/or College games, even D1AA games can be included. Many many other options.
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NFL & NCAA College Football Survivor Pools
Also known as Knockout, Suicide, Eliminator, Survival and Loser pools. Pick one team each week. If they win you advance to the next round. If they lose, you're out. The catch: You can only pick a team once. Many options like Pick a Team Only [Once,Twice,Unlimited], [1,2,3,4,5] Strikes and You're Out, Double Picks, Bye Weeks, Alias Entries and more. Very easy to set up and manage.
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NFL & NCAA College Football Share Pools
Pick college and/or pro football game winners using Vegas style odds in our own unique Share Pool format. Accumulate points by picking pointspread and over/under winners. Risk as many points as you want on any game. The person with the most points (shares) at the end wins. Perfect game for the Playoffs and Bowl Seasons.
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NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Pools
Fantasy football pool managers love our easy to use interface and custom settings. Points and head to head leagues, custom points, offline drafts, live scoring, waiver wire, trades and more. Live customer service by email or phone. $50 flat fee.
Start a Fantasy League (coming soon!!)

NFL and College Football Square Pools
The 10x10 grid pools that you often see at Super Bowl parties. You can run a square pool easily on this site for any game in any sport (football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, etc). When everyone has entered their picks, the pool manager closes the pool and random numbers are filled in automatically. $10 flat fee.
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The most popular format. Starting with the field of 64, pick every game (63) at once. Many options  Get in the game!!
Start a CBB Pick the bracket pool

March Madness Survivor Pools.  Pick one team every day of the tournament or two on first round depending on the settings.
Must win or else you are out.
Start a CBB March Madness Survivor pool

CBB Tourney Squares
TOURNEY SQUARES: Like Superbowl Square pools but there is a winner for every game (63) in the tournament. Ride your numbers through the entire march madness tournament.
Start a CBB Tourney Squares

Pick 8 teams and get their seed value each time they win. The person with the most points wins!
Start a CBB March Madness Seed 8 Pool

CBB Confidence 16 Pools
Pick 16 teams and rank them 16 (highest) to 1 (lowest) and get the rank value in points for every win.
Most points wins or chose a 1st, 2nd, and third and %'s.
Start a CBB March Madness Confiedence 16 Pool

CBB Sweet 16 Pools
Pick the last 4 rounds of the NCAA Basketball Tournament.
Start a CBB March Madness Sweet 16 Pool


MLB Baseball playoff Share Pools
Like playing at a fantasy sportsbook, you make baseball picks against the spread, ML and over/under totals. The person with the most "Shares" at the end wins.  The pool can go from the start of the MLB playoffs all the way to the world series or start and end wherever you want.  Play with parlays as well.
Start a MLB Playoff Share Pool

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