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Don Best College Basketball Brackett Contest

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Posted by: Phillip Case
Date: Mar 22, 2013

I'm not sure if this is just my computer or not, but the bracket is not showing up correctly, I chose Louisville to win the game, but the next round on the bracket says KU. And the whole bracket is that way.

Posted by: Jimmmy Vosswinkel
Date: Mar 20, 2013

Yeah! Where is it? BOGUS? Dom Best? Who?

Posted by: Bill Cassidy
Date: Mar 19, 2013

so where is it? clicking the "join" link sends me a "does not exist" message

Posted by: Jim Thompson
Date: Mar 19, 2013

the bracket asks for a tiebreaker. what is it? i can't find it, so far.

Posted by: Matt Williams
Date: Dec 18, 2012

How do I get started

Posted by: Earl Hammer
Date: Sep 07, 2012

I am confused by the maximum of 5 picks is allowed each week does that mean that you can only select the winner from 5 games each week or do I still go ahead and pick the team I think will win for every game so confusing? I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for the pool either way and have a great week!

Posted by: Calnan Weech
Date: Mar 14, 2012

Sorry for being so dumb but can you give me an example of options 2 & 3 when seeding is used? It seems fair to reward the upsets picked and I want to use them, but I don't quite understand how it works. Thanks.

Posted by: Hudson Mobley
Date: Jan 01, 2012


Posted by: Dustin Mobley
Date: Sep 07, 2011

How does a person put multiple entries into a pool?

Posted by: Dustin Mobley
Date: Sep 06, 2011

How do I setup a NCAA Pickem game? I went through the settings and didn't see a schedule for NCAA only NFL so I selected Week 1 of NFL to Week 14 of NFL. Where do I set the picksheet of the College Games I want to pick from?

Posted by: Dustin Mobley
Date: Sep 06, 2011

Feel free to email me directly at pools@232OfficePools.com for how I set up a NCAA Pickem Pool. I have a feeling that I'm going to be brining you some more Large pools, might not see a drastic increase this season, but trust me next season you will so keep that in mind and be ready to grow your site. My ncaa Tourney brings in about 500 entries

Posted by: Dustin Mobley
Date: Sep 06, 2011

Is there anyway on the Share Pool to have it include NFL and College Football Games?

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