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Help / FAQ

First off we would like to welcome you to OPD.

We really want this to be a community where you can really have fun and enjoy what we truly enjoy.... sports.  On occasion, ahem, we miss a thing or two.  But unless we are really hung over, we want to hear from you.  If there is something that we missed or it's not included below, please send us an email and our magical internet fairy's will deliver it to us.  Ahhh fairy's... That being said, below is our FAQ.  Before that I will give you a couple of pearls before you get started.

1.  Always READ the rules before you join any pool.  Make sure you agree with them!!
2.  Have fun and don't take this too seriously.  Pools were created as a nice diversion in the workplace.  Remember that.
3.  Most importantly, respect your other OPD members.  We are a community here and any cheating or major complaints and you will be 86'ed for life.

And now for the rest of the mumbo Jumbo -


Office Pool Dog (OPD) is an online service for hosting all your ‘Office Pool’ needs. OPD currently offers NFL Football, NCAA Football, College Basketball, NCAA Tournament games, MLB baseball with many more to come very soon.  Each sport typically has 5-8 different formats for playing games… the possibilities are endless.

Public Pool / Private Pool - When you are either creating or joining a pool there are two unique types.  A Private Pool is one that is hosted by you and only People you specifically invite can enter this pool.  In a Public pool wether you join or create one, any of the OPD members can join the pool. 
  • On all Public Pools and Head to Head's, OPD takes a 10% maintenance fee off the top  -  Hey we need to pay our bills ya know.

Why should I use OPD?  It’s easy. We take care of the admin work for you and your co-workers. Never again worry about tallying the winner by hand or keeping track of who picked what.  Keep track of all the pools you created, joined and won.  Ohh Yeah baby, it's good to be the king.

What if I don’t have any friends?OPD has PRIVATE and PUBLIC pools. If you have friends, start your own exclusive PRIVATE pool and create your own rules; it’s very custom. If you have no friends or don’t like the ones you have, start a PUBLIC pool or join an existing one. Great way to meet folks.

My Account: Password, Logins, and BONES

What is a BONE ? ? ?
A BONE is a unit of currency on the site.


100 Bones are equal to 1 dollar US. You do the math. Since collecting and paying for office pools is a drag for you, we took on the responsibility. You can win Bones by playing in public pools, and cash ‘em out when you’re ready.

How do I add Bones to my accountClick on ‘Bones’ tab. Select ‘Add Bones’. Check out securely through Paypal Secured Checkout. *OPD never has your bank or card information.

I forgot my password?
Go to Home Page- Try to login – If you fail select the ‘Need My Password’ link. You can verify your email address and our little password fairy will send you your password in an email. 

How do I change my online Image- Login. Click Profile tab. Click ‘Edit Profile’. You can be whoever you want to be.   It's glorious.. take that guidance counselor.

What should I do if I want more than one account under the same email address? Why would you want to do that? Are you trying to enter a pool twice? It’s ok calm down, we do it too. Nothing wrong with having multiple personalities. Login, Select Profile, Select ‘Create Alias’.

Pricing Questions

How much does it cost?

- Public Pools: Public Pools are free to create. You, as the pool creator, administrator, and diplomatic ruler decide what the entry fee will be for each person. For example, if you create a pool with a 500 Bone entry fee ($5) and 20 players join there will be 10,000 Bones in the pot ($100). The winner of the pool (depending on format) wins 90% of the pot. The remaining 10% pays our bills.

- Private Pools: 2,000 Bones to setup ($20). Paid for by the creator of the pool. For this you receive 20 available entries; if you want more than 20 people to join the cost is 100 Bones per user. OPD does not take a percentage of the pool value for Private Pools.

How do I pay for my pool? – By buying Bones through Paypal. Use your paypal account or use Visa, Mastercard, Amex, (does anyone still have a Discover card?)

Can I test out the website before I pay? - Absolutely. We encourage you to test out the site before you pay.

Pick Deadlines

What is the pick deadline? - The pick deadline is determined by the pool creator. You can check the settings of a pool by selecting…. ‘Pools’ – ‘My Pools’ – ‘Rules’. The pick deadline is initially set as the start time of the first game in the contest, but differs by game format.

Can I change my picks? - Yes, for pools that have a pick deadline (not Share or Square pools) you can change your picks as often as you like, but only up until the pick deadline. After that time, no picks can be made or changed. Also, you can never change a pick for a game that has already started.

What do I do if I miss the pick deadline? – Ever heard the phrase SOL? Your best bet would be to contact the pool creator (hopefully and close friend). Depending on the situation they have the ability to override in some cases.

Random Pool Questions:

Can I see other people’s picks?
- For some games yes, for most games not until a particular game has started. Most picks are visible only after the pick deadline, it’s fair that way. Login – Select ‘Picks’ – Select ‘Poolwide Picks’.

How many people can join my pool? – For public pools there is no limit. For private pools the initial limit is 20 people but the pool creator has the ability to add additional users, for 100 bones each.

What is the best way to invite people into my pool? - We have an invitation form that contains all the information people need to register with the website and join your pool. The pool manager can find this form during the setup process or under the Pool Admin tab. Another option is to forward the email you received after you set up your pool.

What if I still have some questions? - You can write to us at info@officepooldog.com directly, or you can visit our help message board.