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Sent: May 01, 2011
Your website is sick! I've heard nothing but good remarks from my people. Everyone in the 50-person league is very happy! Thank you so much...
Dan McCormack

Sent: Apr 02, 2011
Site is terrific. The layout is clean. To me, OFP is the most professional looking site, and is tremendously easy to navigate. Our pool has grown by 25% per year over the past 4 years, yet I do not receive too many questions by the new members regarding how to navigate the site. To me, this speaks volumes regarding ease of use. I can't think of anything about the site I would change. I love it the way it is. Thanks for doing a great job.
Jack Lenenberg, J.D.

Sent: Mar 04, 2011
Thanks for the answers, as usual you were spot on. Seriously, I have never seen better customer service or a more user friendly site or service. I think you guys should get into government service. You could straighten out the mess this country is in.

Ben Pinczewski

Sent: Jan 10, 2011
Just wanted to drop a line and say thank you for a great 1st season with your website. We ended up having to have a playoff situation for a couple of top positions and the site worked perfectly! Everyone loved it and it made our lives so much easier.

Thanks again! Love the site.
Maureen Grossmyer